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Elementary Classroom

Create better outcomes

Strengthen program and practices


Enhance learning and development with ASELS

Maximise opportunities for social emotional learning (SEL). 

Enrich practices with ASELS

Take a lead role in the learning and development process by planning and implementing intentional SEL teaching practices.

Kindergarten Guide
Children and Teacher in Kindergarten

Strengthen programs with ASELS

Enrich curriculum decision-making by embedding evidence-based SEL practices into play-based educational programs.

Build your professional learning community with ASELS

Embed professional conversations, collaboration and continuous improvement into practices.

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Gather evidence of quality improvement with ASELS

Document your professional learning.  Collect and record evidence of best practice program planning.  Demonstrate engaging programs of evidence-based practices.      


Our ethos is grounded in a cultural-historical theoretical understanding of child development, which brings intentionality to teaching, as well as neuroscience and neuroplasticity, which stipulates that behaviour can be changed through experiences.  Research tells us that children's social and emotional development will be enhanced when educators apply SEL intentional teaching and evidence-based practices in their play-based settings. 

The benefits of SEL in the early years have been widely documented, ranging from enhanced development, improved behaviour and attitude, increased academic performance, wellbeing and mental health, as well as decreased problem internalising and externalising behaviours.  It is our mission to support children's social and emotional development through teacher and parent education, to promote quality learning, thriving children and healthy communities.  We would love you to partner with us on our journey.

Kids in Preschool

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Level 4 rating

ASELS received a Level 4 rating for strength of evidence on the Victorian Department of Education's school readiness funding menu.

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