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Kids in Preschool

Plan quality educational programs of social emotional learning (SEL) for better outcomes with ASELS

ASELS - leading quality SEL

ASELS makes it easy for early childhood educators to plan quality programs to support children's social and emotional development and change children's life trajectory for the better.

Enhance your program and practices by providing your educators with the professional tools to plan intentional SEL teaching programs using evidence-based practices in play-based settings.

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Priority area - Wellbeing


(Social and Emotional)

ASELS can be purchased with your

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Social and Emotional learning


Professional support services | Teaching & learning consultancy

The evidence

Level 4 rating

ASELS improves quality

  • Increases SEL intentional teaching practices

  • Increases SEL evidence-based practices

  • Enhances reflective practices


ASELS enhances development

  • Increases children's social development 

  • Increases children's emotional development


“Thank you very much for such a good quality PD that was very easy to listen to and work through! Great refresher and a lot of new information too!!”


Country Way Early Learning

Take a lead role in the learning and development process through intentional teaching and evidence-based SEL practices with ASELS
Happy Children
Learn how to plan, document and critically reflect on children’s SEL to support quality with ASELS  

Become a SEL expert and enhance children's social and emotional development with ASELS 

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